In Your Sight, In Your Mind

Touring Across Districts, Seeing Through the Deepest Minds

Digital magic, incorporating video, animation and the use of screen into its performance, opens the door to new creative expressions beyond the confines of traditional magic. Mentalism, which demonstrates the magician’s knowledge of mind reading, inception, telepathy, precognition and more, induces the audience to think actively and make choices and, in turn, accurately predicts audience behaviour.

Putting side by side two distinctive styles of magic performance, “In Your Sight, In Your Mind” has won great response and rave reviews. The upcoming new edition, in addition to offering how a contemporary magic act can look like, will tour an even broader community, featuring more elements of science and technology to offer everyone another opportunity to enjoy the art of magic both visually and mentally.

About the Performer
Zenneth KOK

A renowned bilingual magic performer, Zenneth Kok, who has over 20 years of experience in magic performing and education, created more than 200 original tricks hence established a reputation for his original sleight of hand and innovative creations. Zenneth, as a psychological illusionist who is keen on mentalism, has been active in illustrating the educational value of magic to the general public. His recent production of an online programme for the LCSD’s Edutainment Channel “101 Academy” Series 【Magic 101】The World of Magic, and live programme “In Your Sight, In Your Mind” are well received by the public.

In tandem with his creative and performative magic tricks, Zenneth will present in person the amazing interaction between virtual world and physical world, which is a fresh approach as to how magic can be presented, through touring across various districts. 5 performances will be presented in Cantonese and 1 performance will be presented in English and supplemented in Cantonese. One of the 5 performances in Cantonese would be a programme of “A Fiesta of Imagination” under Muse Fest HK 2023.

For viewing the online programme, please refer to the website of the LCSD’s Edutainment Channel “101 Academy” Series: Magic 101The World of Magic

For details of programmes of “A Fiesta of Imagination” under Muse Fest HK 2023, please click here

5.11.2023 - 29.3.2024
In Your Sight, In Your Mind 2.0
8.1.2023 - 19.3.2023
In Your Sight, In Your Mind