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2022-23 Cantonese Opera-cum-Shadow Puppetry for Youngsters II
The programme provides training on Cantonese opera and traditional Chinese puppetry for the youngsters. A variety of activities will also be offered to provide an opportunity for the community to understand the cultural heritage of Cantonese opera and Chinese puppetry.

Artistic Advisor: Sun Kim-long
Organised by: ArtsArea Management
Arts Groups: Kim Sum Cantonese Opera Association and Hong Kong Puppet and Shadow Art Center

2021-22 Cantonese Opera-cum-Shadow Puppetry for Youngsters

2022-23 Musical! Keep Going
Musical! Keep Going is a musical training programme fusing cultural history and modern theatre. Programme including touring performances, workshops, students showcase, etc. provide a chance for the community to have an in-depth understanding on theatre and performing arts.

Arts Group: Drama Gallery

2021-22 Musical! Step-up

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