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2024-25 "Harmonious Music Project in Sai Kung" Harmonica Project
For promotion of harmonica music and arts appreciation in Sai Kung, the project provides systematic and advanced harmonica workshops to the children, teenagers, adults and elderly, along with free concerts and talks in the community.

Presented by: Hong Kong Harmonica Association

2023-24 Cantonese Opera for Youngsters
Target participants of the scheme are youngsters. Apart from continuing the Cantonese Opera classes, the unicorn dance class and other activities will be arranged to cultivate youngsters’ interests in and appreciation of these traditional arts forms, and cultural values can be transmitted to the generations.

Artistic Advisor: Sun Kim-long
Organised by: ArtsArea Management
Arts Groups: Love and Faith Cantonese Opera Laboratory

2022-23 Cantonese Opera and Shadow Puppetry for Youngsters
2020-22 Cantonese Opera and Shadow Puppetry for Youngsters

2023-24 "Body in Time"
Elderly as the main target of the project. Dance workshops, training workshops for apprentices, exhibitions, performances and more will be arranged in the district to build up the connection of the elderly and the community. The elderly can develop their physical and mental ability as well as enjoy the fun of creation through the project.

Co-Artistic Director, Concept & Choreographers: Ong Yong-lock, Andy Lee
Arts Group: Unlock Dancing Plaza

2022-23 Body in Time
2021-22 Body in Time