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2022-23 “Playground as Metaphor” Cross-Artform Project

Imagine, what would your ideal playground look like?

What kind of space is it? Should it be indoor or outdoor? How about its light and colours? What kind of facilities are there? Do you hear any sounds or music? How would it smell?

The ideal playground varies among people of different ages, generations, backgrounds and lifestyles. Playground is more than just a 'playground'. It can be a mental outlet, for one to faintly drift from the everyday mundane/reality (or even the present life), to pursue a moment of happiness.

Designed and led by creators across media, the project employs ‘playground’ as the metaphor, adopts varied means and formats of creation and experience, and looks for different directions and dimensions of imagining a playground.

Curated and produced by: No Discipline Limited

2021-22 “Mountain No Mountain” Cross-Artform Scheme