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2023-24 "Wherefore Taipo - Bird Talk"
Participants of the Scheme would joint hands with Fantasy Puppet Theatre and Black Bird Theatre to create a new play, "The story of the Black-Legged Bird," and perform to the public to let them know more about Tai Po.

Arts groups: Fantasy Puppet Theatre, Black Bird Theatre

2022-23 Wherefore Tai Po
2021-22 Wherefore Tai Po, Story Hunt in Alleys and Lanes

2023-24 "Stories Crossing @Tai Po"
The arts group will continue to promote "how to listen and how to speak" through applied theatre. Three new applied theatre techniques, including forum theatre, theatre games and storytelling theatre will be introduced to promote arts in the community.

Artistic Director: Dr Au Yi-man
Arts Group: Hong Kong Drama/Theatre and Education Forum

2022-23 Stories Crossing @Tai Po II
2021-22 Stories Crossing @Tai Po