About Us


The Community Programmes Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department is responsible for organising two main types of cultural programmes, i.e. territory-wide festive events and carnivals, as well as community cultural and arts events in each of Hong Kong’s 18 districts.


  1. To provide free family carnivals for the public during major traditional festivals
  2. To bring a diverse range of cultural and arts events to all walks of life in their neighbourhoods
  3. To preserve and promote traditional Chinese arts
  4. To provide performance opportunities for artists and arts groups
  5. To promote arts development in the community

Territory-wide Festive Events and Carnivals

Territory-wide festivals/carnivals are presented during major festive occasions throughout the year, including the Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnivals, featuring a variety of large-scale performances and participatory activities by local artists.

18dART Community Arts Scheme

The territory-wide 18dART Community Arts Scheme first began in 2019. Joining hands with district organisations, small- and medium-sized professional arts groups with proven track record have been engaged to organise sustainable, stage-by-stage arts activities which are at once interactive and participatory by nature. These activities aim to not only make a positive impact on participants, but to develop community arts programmes that belong to each district. District organisations offer their support by providing free venues and publicity, as well as recruiting community members to join these programmes. Interested parties are welcome to contact us.

And to make it easier for the public to experience art, the Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme under the Audience Building Office also provides arts and cultural programmes across the territory. Click here to browse their website.

Other Special Programmes

The Community Programmes Office also collaborates with district/community organisations, commercial and cultural enterprises in presenting special programmes and major events. Examples include coordination with sponsors and other government departments in organising the Lunar New Year and National Day Fireworks Displays, as well as partnership with various Consulates-General in Hong Kong in staging the “Asian Ethnic Cultural Performances”.

Way Forward

To move with the times, we will continue to enhance and diversify the content of our immensely popular large-scale events/carnivals by introducing more new elements. At the same time, we will actively assist our artist partners in laying a firm foundation in the community so that the artistic seeds will take root and sprout in each district.

Programme Proposal

The Community Programmes Office welcomes proposals for collaboration from arts and cultural organisations. Click here for more details.

Financial Figures and Attendance for 2022/2023

Operating and Programme Costs*$45,831,816.96

*Expenditure of "2022 Mid-Autumn Lantern Displays"and "International Ethnic Cultural Performances" sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club is excluded.