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2024-25 "Shining Gem of the South" – Musical Training Project
The project aims to demonstrate the uniqueness of the Southern District with a series of musical theatre activities. Through the creation and rehearsal of a musical developed with the participants and based on the characteristics of the district, the diversity in the community will be further explored while the awareness and sense of belonging will be enhanced as well.

Presented by: Actors' Family

2023-24 “Our Days Down South” Musical Theatre Project
The musical project aims to cultivate the interest of musicals for children, teenagers and the elderly in the community as well as foster inter-generational harmony through a series of sustained and diversified activities to promote the cultural characteristics of the Southern District.

Organised by: RhapsoArts Management
Music Director: David Quah
Arts Group: Bel Canto Singers

2022-23 “Our Days Down South” Musical Theatre Project
2021-22 “Our Days Down South” Musical Theatre Project