2024-25 "Shining Gem of the South" – Musical Training Project

About the Programme

The project aims to demonstrate the uniqueness of the Southern District with a series of musical theatre activities. Through the creation and rehearsal of a musical developed with the participants and based on the characteristics of the district, the diversity in the community will be further explored while the awareness and sense of belonging will be enhanced as well.


Musical Experience Day
Musical Theatre Workshop
Outdoor Experiential Theatre
Musical Demonstration and Appreciation Talk
Musical Community Performances - Musical Audition and Rehearsal
Musical Community Performances
Finale Performance

Details of the Activities

Please refer to the website of Actors' Family

Production Team

Artistic Advisor: Mandy YIU
Playwright: Jim HUI
Composer: Stoa LAU
Lyricist: Serena TONG
Director: Bee WAN

About the Group

Actors' Family (AF) is established in 1991 by graduates of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. As Hong Kong's leading musical theatre company, it is committed to produce quality original Cantonese musicals, fostering local theatre development and enriching cultural lives in the city. AF strives to produce musicals that reflect daily lives with the aim to engage audiences and promote theatre arts. In recent years, AF has organised the Musical Writing Incubation Scheme in hope of building a sustainable platform to support new works from creation, preview to public staging.

Over the years, AF has created and adapted various musical productions, many of which received nominations and awards at the Hong Kong Drama Awards. Reaching beyond Hong Kong, AF has been touring productions to the mainland, facilitating genuine cultural exchange and promoting Hong Kong original musicals.

Programmes conducted in Cantonese.

All activities of the scheme are free of charge.

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Actors' Family
9109 2124

Presenter reserves the right to change the programme, instructors/artists should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.