Advanced Music Workshop & Lyrics Writing Workshop

Advanced Music Workshop is designed for young singer-songwriters and bands. Taught by professional musicians Bowen Li and Justin Cheung, the workshop is tailor-made for the participants, aiming to improve their performing and composing skills.

Lyrics Writing Workshop invites the renowned and experienced lyricist Chow Yiu-fai to be the advisor and curate the content. Chow Yiu-fai will teach with lyricist Yvette Wong, offering basic training in creative writing and lyrics writing. The instructors will also facilitate participants in transferring their feelings towards Sha Tin into words and write lyrics for their original music pieces.

Participants will create a song inspired by Sha Tin and have the chance to perform at the Finale Concert in 2022.

Advanced Music Workshop
Instructors: Bowen Li & Justin Cheung

Band Training
Date: 5.11 (Fri), 17.11 (Wed), 3.12 (Fri) & 17.12.2021 (Fri)
Time: 7pm - 9pm

Singer-Songwriter Training (I)
Date: 6.11, 20.11 & 4.12.2021 (Sat)
Time: 12nn - 2pm

Singer-Songwriter Training (II)
Date: 13.11, 27.11 & 18.12.2021 (Sat)
Time: 12nn - 2pm

Singer-Songwriter Training (III)
Date: 12.11, 26.11 & 10.12.2021 (Fri)
Time: 7pm - 9pm

Lyrics Writing Workshop

Date: 21.11.2021 (Sun)
Time: 1pm - 3pm & 4pm - 6pm

Date: 28.11.2021 (Sun)
Time: 3pm - 5pm

Date: 18.12.2021 (Sat)
Time: 7:45pm - 9:45pm

Venue: The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Jockey Club Jat Min Youth S.P.O.T. (13 Jat Min Chuen Street, Jat Min Chuen, Sha Tin)
Suitable for: Participants aged between 15 and 30. (Priority will be given to Sha Tin District residence, students and working adults.)

Instructors: Chow Yiu-fai & Professor Yvette Wong