Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza

Urban Lunar New Year Lantern Displays
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza
12.1 - 7.2.2023 (Thu - Tue)
Lighting-up Time: 6pm - 11pm

Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage – Exhibition on Traditional Craftsmanship of Lantern Making
The Luck-Bringing Rabbit – Lanterns to Celebrate the New Year

With the arrival of the New Year, the Intangible Cultural Heritage Office presents a dazzling and joyful display of festive lanterns. The lantern displays are curated by Mr Hui Ka-hung, who has more than 30 years of experience in traditional paper crafting. The lanterns include the sprightly rabbits, energetic dancing lions, festival food and dim sum to welcome with you all the Year of the Rabbit!

All visitors are required to put on their own masks (even when taking photographs).

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