Tsuen Wan Park

New Territories West Lunar New Year Lantern Displays

Tsuen Wan Park
31.1 - 7.2.2023 (Tue - Tue)
Lighting-up Time: 6pm - 11pm

The animal family are bringing loads of good luck to you all! Along with Enggie Pup and Artti Kitty, pandas and rabbits are also there to offer their warm greetings. Say hello to the Golden Lucky Cat by the seaside which embodies an endless flow of blessings and wealth. Get a taste of the Chinese custom of “bridge crossing” under colourful balloons. Lantern riddles are also prepared for you to make the most of the festive occasion.

All visitors are required to put on their own masks (even when taking photographs).

The contents of the works do not reflect the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.