Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Interactive Lighting Installation The Moon Machine

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza
15.9-8.10.2023 (Fri - Sun)
Lighting-up time: 6:30pm - 11pm (extended to midnight on 29.9)

The Moon Machine: A Symphony of Joy and Wonder

As children, we would gaze up at the moon, captivated by the stories of lunar adventures that danced in our minds. Have you ever found yourself lost in thought, wondering about the mysteries that the moon might hold?

Throughout history, our fascination with the moon has woven together a tapestry of tales, from the legendary Chang’e and the moon rabbit, to myriad stories that find their origins in the moon's enchanting glow. Each play of light and shadow on the lunar surface ignites our imagination, painting images and crafting narratives. So, when you gaze up at the moon, what story unfolds before your eyes?

The creative team has breathed life into these celestial stories with The Moon Machine interactive lighting installation in Tsim Sha Tsui. We welcome you to step close to the Moon Pit, an engaging space where imagination takes flight. Within this whimsical installation, moons are born from the machine, each one a unique creation. We imagine that some ascend eagerly back to the night sky, while others prefer to linger in the pool, taking in their surroundings.

In The Moon Machine, the moons move and transform, echoing our rhythms, our melodies, our mirth. We invite you to step into this interactive space, to explore, to dream, and to craft your very own moon story.

Creation and production:
One Bite Design Studio (Alan Cheung, Sarah Mui, Sherman Sun and Deanna Lai)

Free Admission

To avoid overcrowding on the Mid-Autumn Day, visitors who want to appreciate the lanterns are encouraged to come on other dates during the display period.

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