Collect-ive sight (Participating Artist: Wong Chun-hei) (Programme Cancelled)

Urban sketching helps us deepen our understanding of our community through our eyes and hands. By sketching in groups, we use two angles of seeing to connect the perspective of different people, resulting in a cityscape drawing us together.

A tailored-made sketching cart will park in different parts of Wanchai. Passersby will be invited to sketch the scene at that moment. The scene at a sketch will be connected with the scene depicted in the previous sketch, creating an elongated landscape scroll.

The vertical perspective will be taken from one of the buildings in Wanchai. The view from the same building is actually the same, but because of the different heights, there is a slight difference in the view from different floors. The vertical group sketches will be made by drawing the scenery outside the windows of different floors and the interior scenes of the buildings, so that they can be contrasted with each other and see another view of the community that has never been seen before.