'Holistic Performing Arts Training 2.0 - Unleash Internal Strength to Pave the Path in Performing Arts' Theatre Project

Introduce basic knowledge in theatre through the theatre practices. Selected participants passing the Audition will be joining the Multi-Faceted Performing Art Form Training and Rehearsal, and participating in the Finale Performance.

Students which have participated in ‘2022-23 Holistic Performing Arts Training’ project will have a chance to explore more advanced performing techniques to expand their views and experiences on performing arts.

The training included the common elements of all kinds of performing arts, the performing techniques of participants will be enhanced and they can apply on all kinds of performing arts after training.

Instructors and directors will lead the participants to explore and create short performances, and render into touring showcases in the district.

Workshop participants will rehearse and stage a professional finale performance, to showcase achievement of the participants of the scheme.

Video of touring and finale performances will be displayed online for public viewing.

Programmes conducted in Cantonese.

All activities of the scheme are free of charge.

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Presenter reserves the right to change the programme, instructors/artists should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.
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