Tung Chung Man Tung Road Park

New Territories West Mid-Autumn Lantern Displays
Tung Chung Man Tung Road Park
7-12.9.2022 (Wed - Mon)
6:30pm - 11pm*

*Lighting-up time will be extended to midnight on 10.9

With “Floral Wishes in Cheery Pitches” as its theme, this display event offers visitors moments of bliss through vast swaths of flowers and colourful lantern decorations. Together, the five groups of lanterns add a poetic dimension to this festive season. Of particular note is the baby panda collection which promises to amaze!

For public health and safety, visitors are requested to observe the following arrangements and precautionary measures:

  • Please bring your own mask and keep it on throughout your visit (including the photo-taking period).
  • Please keep proper social distance. Group gatherings of more than four people are prohibited. Please also keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres as far as feasible between yourself and any other person.
  • Naked-flame lanterns, alcoholic drinks, aerosol spray, metallic balloons and glass bottles are prohibited.

To avoid overcrowding on the Mid-Autumn Day, visitors are encouraged to come on other dates during the display period.

All the contents of works are independently produced by the creative team, and do not reflect the views or opinions of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Sponsor.
Programmes are subject to change without prior notice.