2023-24 “Landing at Wan Chai - Songs for Everyone III”

To stage an opening performance and to introduce pop music thus the year round project to locals.

Participants of the year-round project will be selected with reference to their connection with Wan Chai District as well as their passion to music creation and community connection.

The newly recruited musicians will participate in a series of workshops, including Wan Chai History and Community Exploration, Interviewing Skills, Music Creation and Songs Creation & Composition Coaching.

To record the life stories in Wan Chai District and disseminate them to different corners in the community. Under the guidance of mentors, participants will transform 10 personalised stories from the process of creation into exclusive interviews for publishing.

Participants will be divided into small groups and produce 10 pop songs based on the stories collected from community interviews under the guidance of mentors, Chow Yiu-fai and Fung Wing-ki, Vicky.

10 community stories will be showcased in two touring performances separately.

  • Community Touring
    10 community stories will appear in two touring performances separately, with 5 songs being performed in each of the performance.
  • Song Dedication Online Videos
    The Song Dedication Online Videos will be uploaded to social media to provide the opportunity to the people living in the district to get to know the 10 songs and the stories behind.

Tailor-made sound devices will be installed at public facilities, merchants or various landmarks in Wan Chai so that the community members can stop by any time and put on headphones to enjoy the music pieces composed by the young musicians.

The 10 finished songs will be performed in the form of a concert. Participants will present all 10 songs, showcasing the 10 community stories gathered from Wan Chai District.

Programmes conducted in Cantonese.

All activities of the scheme are free of charge.

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