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2024-25 "Tuen Mun Musical Fly High"
The project aims to seamlessly blend Tuen Mun's historical and cultural heritage with contemporary theatrical elements. This initiative seeks to provide Tuen Mun residents with enhanced opportunities to engage in drama and artistic endeavors. Through theater, residents will find solace, hope, and inspiration, nurturing a passion for the performing arts and exploring their own artistic creativity.

Presented by: Drama Gallery

2023-24 Musical! Hovering High!
Musical! Keep Going is a musical training programme fusing cultural history and modern theatre. Programme including touring performances, workshops, students showcase, etc. provide a chance for the community to have an in-depth understanding on theatre and performing arts.

Arts Group: Drama Gallery

2022-23 Musical! Keep Going
2021-22 Musical! Step-up

2023-24 Cantonese Opera-cum-Shadow Puppetry for Youngsters III
The programme provides training on Cantonese opera and traditional Chinese puppetry for the youngsters. A variety of activities will also be offered to provide an opportunity for the community to understand the cultural heritage of Cantonese opera and Chinese puppetry.

Artistic Advisor: Sun Kim-long
Organised by: ArtsArea Management
Arts Groups: Kim Sum Cantonese Opera Association and Hong Kong Puppet and Shadow Art Center

2022-23 Cantonese Opera-cum-Shadow Puppetry for Youngsters II
2021-22 Cantonese Opera-cum-Shadow Puppetry for Youngsters