Dunhuang x Kwun Tong – Dialogue of Past and Present II

This scheme provides high-quality performing arts and cultural education activities for the residents of the district, including free guided tours, introduction and training, special educational sessions, ancient instrument classes, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, music performances, etc., and is promoted through diverse and comprehensive arts activities The community culture of Dunhuang and Kwun Tong showcases the beauty of traditional Chinese music and the unique culture of the Kwun Tong community, which can not only enhance the cultural quality of the community in Kwun Tong District, but also enhance the music appreciation ability and cultural connotation of the younger generation.

It aims to promote Chinese culture and art with activities that break through tradition, diversity and community atmosphere, and hopes to bring the residents of Kwun Tong District a most comprehensive Dunhuang cultural experience with fun. Activities includes:

Programmes conducted in Cantonese.

All activities of the scheme are free of charge.rn

Produced by :

Supported by :
Kwun Tong Schools Liaison Committee

Programme Enquiries:
Leisure and Cultural Services Department
2591 1340

Programme and Enrolment Enquiries:
Hong Kong Gaudeamus Dunhuang Ensemble
2885 2698

Presenter reserves the right to change the programme, instructors/artists should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.
The content of programmes does not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.