2023-24 "Body in Time"

Nurturing the former participants with designed training workshops. Participants will transform from teaching assistants to dancers, to perform in demonstrations and performances, to encourage them to get out to meet other people and involve more in the community.

One-off workshop allowing the audience appreciate the demonstrations of apprentices. The interactive session hosted by dance artists will bring pleasures of body movements to the participants.

Two-month workshops allowing the elderly to increase physical perception from simple and subtle movements, and to enhance their physical control, concentration and coordination. Under the guidance of dance instructors, the elderly can dance with creativity.

Participants will share their achievement with the public.

Participants: Core members of Community Arts Scheme.
The seven-month workshop integrates dance and other arts elements, further enhance the elderly’s perception and creativity of arts and body.

Touring performances in schools and district organisations will introduce dance movements in the community.

To screen a short documentary film of the project. A sharing session will also be held for participants and instructors to share their enjoyment.

To showcase the works and practice created in the project, introduce the project to the public.

The participants of Advanced Workshops will share their achievement with the public.

Programmes conducted in Cantonese

All activities of the scheme are free of charge.

Produced by:

Leisure and Cultural Services Department
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Programme and workshop:
Unlock Dancing Plaza
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Presenter reserves the right to change the programme and artists/instructors should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.
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