2023-24 Stories Crossing @Tai Po

Participants will learn how to design theatre games and the techniques as a game facilitator, then serve in different social welfare organisations.

Participants will co-create an interactive theatre performance based on some popular social issues.

Participants will learn forum theatre comprehensively through community issues, then co-create forum theatre works and perform in the community.

The instructor will base on the themes of "Tai Po Landscape" and "Tai Po Cultural History" to teach participants various storytelling theatre techniques and guide them to write a play and perform it on stage.

Applied Theatre @ Community Arts Month
Finale Performances for Storytelling Theatre Workshop
Finale Performances for Forum Theatre Workshop
"Playback Theatre" Performances
Forum Theatre in Action: Sharing the Experience of "Stories Crossing @Tai Po" Project
Process Drama Workshop for Children

Programmes conducted in Cantonese.

All activities of the scheme are free of charge.

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