Dunhuang Stop Motion Animation Workshop and Creative Arts Competition

"Dunhuang Stop Motion Animation Workshop”
With Mr. Kong Qingwei, a well-known animation designer, as the instructor, the workshop will be conducted in the form of a online video, which will be divided into 4 sessions, each of which is about 20 minutes. The instructor will teach to use smartphone app to make stop-motion animations with the theme of Dunhuang elements and culture. The completed works can be submitted to participate in the creative arts competition to be held later.

"Dunhuang Stop Motion Animation" Creative Arts Competition
Accepting online registrations and submissions on 10 March, the competition is divided into three different themes: " Chang'e and the Moon rabbit ", "Soar" and "Praise of Tang Dynasty ". There are first, second, and third place awards for each theme, and the result will be announced on the arts group's Facebook page on 28 March. The awards will be presented to the winners at the Finale performance held at the Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre’s Theatre on 2 April, where the championship works will also be screened for the audiences.

The competition welcomes all public who knows to create stop-motion animation to participate. The full set of four Stop Motion animation tutorial videos have been uploaded to YouTube and can be found at the following link.

Participants need to fill out the online form and upload their work(s) on or before 22 March.