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2022-23 Landing at Kwai Tsing - Songs for Everyone II
The programme aims to promote and nurture interest of pop music for teenagers in Kwai Tsing District. On top of workshops, various activities will be organised to facilitate the appreciation of the community and the transformation of the life stories into music and related art creations. In 2021-22, the project successfully discovered interesting stories in the district. Here comes the second year, the history of the district will be recorded by exploring the collective memory and life stories in depth.

Artistic Directors: Chow Yiu-fai and Fung Wing-ki, Vicky
Arts Group: Every Life Is A Song

2021-22 Landing at Kwai Tsing - Songs for Everyone

2022-23 Good Times of Kwai Tsing Theatre Project II
The programme offers various types of workshops and showcases in Kwai Tsing that aims to provide chances for workshop participants to think, create and perform. To continue with the theme of Good Times of Kwai Tsing, participants can produce a literary landscape theatre of Kwai Tsing from a humanistic perspective which allows residents to experience and appreciate the uniqueness of the community.

Artistic Director: Tam Hung-man, Alex
Arts Group: Theatre Ronin

2021-22 Good Times of Kwai Tsing Theatre Project

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