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2022-23 Rhythmic Tunes, Hoofin Tap Musical Training Project
To promote and develop local tap dance, jazz dance and vocal performing arts. Featuring fun-filled programmes such as music and dance workshops and performances to people of all ages of the district. Explore their talents in dance and body movement.

Artistic Director: Ken Kwok
Arts Group: R&T (Rhythm & Tempo)

2022-23 Community Echoes Music Project in Sha Tin
Targeting young people of Sha Tin, nurture them the interests of music and to build up a choral group of the district. Extension of 2021-22 music project, encourage participants of last year project to form an ensemble with enhanced music training and performance platform. The project will engage professional musicians to create songs of the district inspired by collection of Sha Tin stories online. Strengthen the connection of the district with music through cultural activities, appreciate Sha Tin in a fresh new way.

Creative Director: Kung Chi-shing
Arts Group: Kung Music Workshop

2021-22 Community Echoes Music Project in Sha Tin