Special Outdoor Event in support of The Nordics - Nobody but a princess…


Nobody but a princess…
phase7 (Germany)

8-10.11.2019 (Fri - Sun) 
6pm / 7pm / 8:30pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza C

Spectacular Multimedia Production

By the magic of lights,
our contemporary princess rewrites
the Hans Christian Andersen classic in her quest for love.

First premiered at H.C. Anderson Festivals 2018, Nobody but a princess… is a contemporary fairytale featuring Nordic singers, dancers from Hong Kong Ballet and overseas acrobats in a custom-made giant dome, completed with state-of-the-art kinetic light display and pyrotechnics. It tells the story of a modern princess who would discover her identity and true love through her fantastic journey of wonders.

phase7 performing.arts
Berlin-based phase7 performing.arts is best known for its thought-provoking integration of music, video and innovative technology. Formed in 1999, the group has since worked in many countries, including Dubai, France, Kuwait, Pakistan, Spain and Norway. Its large-scale multimedia production for the opening ceremony of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin thrilled more than 25,000 spectators. Its new media installations (Words All Over and Traces), 3D audio non-conformist opera (NEITHER) and cross-media theatre production (DELUSIONS II) presented at the New Vision Arts Festival in 2008 and 2012 respectively were also highly acclaimed.

Free Admission
Performance lasts for about 25 mins.
Programme in English with Strobe Light Effect

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