2023-24 Cantonese Opera for Youngsters

Through demonstration and experience workshops, participants will learn more about the basic elements of Cantonese Opera, including singing, acting, movement and acrobatics.

Providing basic knowledge and training on Cantonese Opera’s performing skills for youngsters in the district.

Participants: Core members of Community Arts Scheme 2019-23. To reinforce former participants’ skills and techniques of Cantonese Opera.

Participants can admire the beauty of Cantonese Opera by learning how to make daily accessories for hair by using the materials of the headdress in Cantonese Opera.

Teaching the basic techniques of unicorn dance.

To introduce the culture of Hakka unicorn dance through demonstration with experience workshops by Ma You Tong Unicorn Association.

To introduce the four elements of Cantonese opera “singing, acting, movement and acrobatics” to students and the public through demonstrations and interactive sessions.

Participants of the Cantonese Opera Workshops to showcase their learning efforts.

Joint performances by the participants of the Cantonese Opera Workshops and Unicorn Dance Workshop.

Programmes conducted in Cantonese

All activities of the scheme are free of charge.

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